Greencircles – Geordie Boys

So, going to start with the newest band I’ve come across and immediately ticked those boxes I’m always looking for.

I could probably count the number of great bands from Newcastle and the NE on one hand, once I discount Gazza and PJ & Duncan what are you left with? 

Dire Straits – yeah yeah sold bucket loads – money for nothing video etc – to be fair some great musicianship in the ranks – not my thing but you know what who don’t like Sultans of Swing.

The Police – First 3 records I bought at the same time included Walking on The Moon so can’t be all bad – is Sting a twat? Probably.  Is he a MOD? Never. Ace Face no chance – let’s move on.

Lindisfarne – No idea at all – See Gazza

The Animals – Now your talking – House of the rising sun – the other stuff – great singer who made some remarkably interesting music after he left – Spill the Wine anyone.  Didn’t one of them find Jimi Hendrix.

So that kind of leads onto Greencircles – The new great NE hope after Shearer (Legend) and of course Gazza (Godlike) could be there for the taking.

So putting my nerdy hat on – I’m guessing named after a song by The Small Faces – not a band thing to do – so either they are short like them or indeed Ant & Dec (is everyone short in Newcastle?)  I digress and I’m sure they aren’t.

So for me a band name needs to evoke something – make you wonder what they sound like and in many cases you can guess what they would sound like – I listened to Greencircles just because of the name and am I glad I did.

So, who are the band then?  Well thanks to Bandcamp (great btw for new bands) it tells me they are lead by jovial (assume as a Geordie) Paul McGill – Guitar/VOX/Songs, David Mooney on Guitar/VOX, Graham Bull on Bass and Steve Winter on Drums.

Your classic 4 piece – what’s better 3, 4, 5, Piece band?  I guess for us OCD types its 4 or 6 or 26 if you like your 70’s Funk Groups (Stand up George Clinton).

Song wise they don’t have loads available just yet – well that’s ok – less is more isn’t it – plus due to this fact it was easier for me to start my band blog on them – it was going to be Citylightz but they got loads and quite frankly it’s a Monday evening and I’m not going to blow my stack immediately.  Sorry Citylightz lads your have to wait a few days.

The first track I listened to was the newest Twenty First Century Blues – clearly drawing me in with the T Rex title of sorts – immediately I’m thinking a Blockbuster of a track (More Glam Rock references).  I wasn’t wrong.

If you ever wondered what The Seahorses would of sounded like if they continued then I’m sure it would sound like this – Its got a great groove/hook and lyrically pretty decent – I was singing along after 2nd play. “I wanna live like a king, coz I got money to burn” is one of those lines that made Oasis the legends they are.  Vocally I really like Paul’s voice – I will eventually work out who he sounds like – it’s not bomb blast like Liam but certainly not weak at all – probably years of smerking tabs has honed it to its current state – (sorry I must stop with the Geordie references).

Second track was Blackbird – Now we are motoring – it’s got that La’s groove – such a great tune – I’m bobbing my head now as I play it again.  Does seems to have a Jam bass line of sorts. This is a top summer song especially driving – would love to hear this live.

Third – No Way Out – It’s the La’s again – this is not a bad thing – we don’t have them anymore so quite frankly Greencircles can take that torch and run with it.  This is my favourite song of theirs.  All their songs are catchy AF, “Love is the reason” like it – reminds me of an INXS chorus from a forgotten song that I can’t recall just yet. Again, not a bad thing.

Fourth – ALIVE – A much heavier track, more psychedelic then the rest, very Oasis – Pauls vocals more like Noels on this but its one of those songs that I’m sure live just soars. Quick mention that the production on all these songs is excellent – credit to whoever did this.  3 Mins in is a killer guitar solo – I’m going to play this loud in the car tomorrow – goes a bit Stones and Gimmer Shelter as well which is high praise. 

So there you have it – 4 of the best – you can also hear a Toon Army Protest song called black & white – I feel the pain having supported Spurs my whole life – but it looks good on that point anyway.

Breaking News – As I finish this another new song has popped up – You and me and the Weather – Its acoustic but I haven’t time to go into detail now – follow my twitter for first impressions.

Please give some time to Greencircles – they deserve it – I will be following with interest over the next few months and hopefully get to a gig to see them before I’m 50! 

Music available to listen to on all the sites – Spotify, Google but best you just buy them from Bandcamp.

Finally, just remembered another Geordie band – that one that sung about Alice – oh and that one where they say Mon The Biff – I’m lost now. 

I’ll stick to what I know. Check them out below.

Till next time

Howay the lads


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