20 Questions with…..The Mariners

So what do you do all day when its raining and your locked down?

Well you start coming up with 20 questions to ask some of your favourite new bands – just like Smash Hits.

So what better way to start then with mine and your soon to be favourite band. The Mariners. Thanks to two of the sailor boys for completing this incredibly in-depth and mind blowingly difficult questions.

Anyway here they are – I think we all know them a little better now.

1.         Who are you?

We are The Mariners. And answering your questions today are Luke Williamson and Paul Iliffe

2.  Where are you?
LW: In the mind? Somewhere between 1964 and 1967. Currently? Editing a video for the new album.

PI: At home, isn’t everybody?

3. What do you do in the band?

LW: Write songs, sing and try and play the acoustic with a bit of rattle.

PI: Grow the longest hair.

4.       Who else is in the band?

LW: We also have the talented Luke Headland on bass and keys. He’s part of our trio that has been together for years. And a recent addition is Richard Pine on drums. It has taken far too long to get ourselves settled like this. Both are brilliant at what they do to the extent that’d I’d be a bit jealous it they weren’t my mates.

PI: Myself, Luke and Luke have been musical cohorts for a while, but we’ve always struggled to find drummers. Fate lent a hand and we stumbled across Richard when we stopped looking.

5.       What do you sound like?
LW: We keep being told we sound Sixties and we won’t complain at that. But we just think we sound like us. Some have said we sound unique but if that is true then it is more down to the fact we record vocals in a shower and some guitars in a pantry. Sometimes through necessity, sometimes from quirkiness. We’ve been through the phase of spending money at posh studios. It wasn’t for us.

PI: I suppose we sound like our influences. We don’t set out to sound a specific way, but it just kind of happens organically. Whatever you grow up listening to, the first time you pick up a guitar you want to make it sound that way. I suppose we’ve never changed. We record, mix and master everything ourselves, so we’re completely in control of how we sound, what you hear is us.    

6.       Where can I hear you?

PI: Only on all the usual streaming sites at the moment. We’ve put out 3 singles to date this year, and our Album ‘The Tides Of Time’ is set for release on June 26th which we’re really excited about. We’re a relatively ‘new band’ to everyone, but the album really has been a labour of love over quite a long period of time.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get some gig’s confirmed and announced once we’re able to as well. It would be great to get out and about playing these songs live.  

7.       Where can I see you?
LW: Just the old YouTube at present what with the lockdown lark and what not. We were set to start gigging just as the pandemic kicked off which, given how long it has been since any of us played on stage, was as welcome as a thrift kick in the nether regions with a winkle picker.

8.       Who are your favourite musicians?

LW: The Kinks for me. I named both my daughters after Kinks’ songs. The Beatles are obviously the benchmark And The Zombies who produced arguably one of the finest albums there has ever been. If talking more modern, and I appreciate this isn’t modern, then the Lightning Seeds and folk like John Power.

PI: The Beatles, I can’t not say them. I used to be obsessed but now they’re like a pair of old slippers that you don’t appreciate how comfy they are until you slip them on again. Bands like The Zombies who have that poppy woozy psychedelic feel. Love and Arthur Lee are a big influence on me. Forever Changes is never far away from my Record Player. The whole Laurel Canyon & Height Ashbury movement, what a time to be alive. Not forgetting The La’s, The Coral, Michael Head if we’re talking in recent history. John Power, as Luke mentioned, is someone who influences us in many ways.  

9.       What’s your best song?
LW: Best song? Probably Cathy Come Home or Gimme More. Although there is one we will release after the first album called Jennifer which sounds brilliant when we are all on it. My favourite song is probably Not Fit For Use though.

PI: Difficult one as I like them all. Sycamore Street is a better song that we give it credit for, I’m also a big fan of a song called Take A Little Chance On Me, but that’s second album material……………..

10.   Favourite new band?
LW: Not sure how new something has to be to count as new but I recently got into a chap called Tobias Jesso Jnr. and he’s sublime. Paul is much more clued up on new acts and what not. Paul?

PI: It’s hard to define new, Lately I’ve recently been listening to a lot of Curt Boettcher and the groups he was in during the 60’s like The Millennium and Sagittarius. It’s new to me, but not new to the world. If we’re talking released in the last 12 months or so. From the UK I’d point you in the direction of The Shipbuilders, from the US The Electric Looking Glass. The Shipbuilders are a band you will only ever get from a place like Liverpool, and The Electric Looking Glass are just pure trippy 60’s.    

11.   Beer, wine or spirits?
PI: I love a good Craft IPA. Take me to Brewdog and I’m a happy, happy man. 

LW: I’ve not had a drop of anything since lockdown so I’m not entirely sure I’ll be even bothered once normality resumes. Cuppa tea for me.

12.   Best night out?
LW: A day that turns into night, down in the Cavern watching Scouse bands that nail The Beatles.

PI: Ditto, a day lost in the Cavern where all concept of time disappears.

13.   Curry or Fish n Chips?
LW: Chippy if out walking. Curry if we are sitting down and making an evening of it. We have a decent couple of curry houses near our practice room.

PI: Chippy by the seaside, Curry for teatime .

14.   Hopes for 2020/21?

PI: Festivals, Vinyl releases, Gigs, Recording the 3rd album, Just keep keeping on really.

LW: Getting the second album out. All the hard work is done. It is just tidying up and mixing really. I’d also like to record a video by the seaside.

15.   Tea or Coffee?
LW: Well, tea is referenced in two or three songs on our debut album so…tea. When Paul and Luke are over at mine, making tea is easy. Paul will drink owt [anything].
PI: If you come to me and ask me, I’m gonna tell you the truth, because it is the truth, I have had tea. Lots of tea.

16.   Vinyl, CD or download?

PI: Vinyl! I don’t own a CD player anymore, and I’ve only really embraced the digital revolution recently. It’s a great gateway to discover so much music, but then I do buy the vinyl too if I dig them.

LW: Vinyl!

17.   Is it a barf or a baff (Bath)?
LW: Baff. Where I’m from you “have a baff when ya felin’ cowd and mardy”. When our Richard first joined on drums we had a chat about slang and colloquialisms from where we are and he understood noe of it. Taking an “Oss t’ watter” was lost on him. 

PI: Ay up me duck, run us a baff will ya.  

18.   Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones?

PI: Breaking Bad had a better soundtrack. Tommy James & The Shondells and Badfinger etc.

LW: This is where I come across as a grump isn’t it? Neither. If we are talking drama, Silent Witness. II tried Breaking Bad on  a recommendation. After two ‘seasons’ I wasn’t digging’ it. A mate said you have to give it at least another two seasons. Sod that. TV shows should run beyond two series as it is. 

19.   Red or brown sauce?
PI: Brown on a Bacon Butty. But no butter, Butter is evil.
LW: You don’t like butter? I’ve never heard anyone say that. Red. But on very limited occasions. With a bacon and sausage sandwich only. The minute you introduce an egg, the sauce is knocked on the head. Never have sauce with an egg. An egg provides the sauce itself. Whack an egg with any meal.

20.   Liam or Noel?
LW: John Power
PI: Lee Mavers#

Thanks again lads – great answers and good luck again with your album release.

Don’t forget to give them a listen on Spotify or other sites but do yourself a favour and purchase the real stuff from BandCamp:


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