Single of the Week – Enemies – Skylights

Who didn’t love seeing this in the good old days of the NME.

It really meant something and almost guaranteed a new artist more coverage and increased fan base. I’ve lost count the amount of bands I fell in love with due to this.

So whilst I have no doubt my own views won’t have as much impact as those glory days, it’s something I’m going to recreate and give some well needed promotion to new tunes.

So unreveal the curtain, swing the bottle of champers into the side of the hull the first Rebirth of Cool single of the week is……

Skylights – Enemies

This likeable bunch of lads from Leeds mean business especially if you start a song with a great buzzing guitar riff and talk about shotgun blasts and atom bombs.

They are in your face Rock n Roll. Buoyed by the success of YRA they go again with first official release. It’s a marker alright. Bombastic. Anthemic. Potential anthem for the new generation.

Great chorus. “Dream those Dreams” they sing. If I was 17 again they’d be the ones I’d be falling over myself to see live. I’m not but I’d still like to see it.

Great vocals, overall sound is solid. You can tell they have worked hard on this one.

Enemies might be the name but with songs like this they are going to be making a lot more friends.

The North had spoken. The South what you got?

Check it out here

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