The Mariners – Time Travelling Minstrels

And then one day out of the blue, a video of a new band hit my feed.

Three young men standing in a field, by a canal etc, strumming guitars and looking like they had just fallen out of a Byrd’s convention.

My interest was spiked. What was this I was watching? More importantly what was it I was hearing.

Even through my mobile device the tune jumped out at me, isn’t that a Byrd’s song? No it’s the Kinks? No it’s Simon and Garfunkel, hang on I can’t pin this down but I can hear the influences. Its good, its really bloody good…as the sun shone through my window it just felt and sounded great.

That was Cathy Come Home and I was now in the world of The Mariners.

But that was it, one 4 min song, one video. I searched for more. I followed them immediately on #Twitter. I needed to hear more.

Thankfully turns out they have a whole albums worth of songs to release. Self funded no less. I assume bands have to do this. That’s commitment but also confidence that you have songs that people will want to hear. They are not wrong.

So who are these 3 mystical time travellers from the 60’s? When did Austin Powers leave them behind?

Well one is surely Paul Simon’s love child, another is straight out of the Byrd’s and then you go the cool one with the best haircut. Lets calls them Luke, Luke and Paul as that is their names. Also a drummer whose name I’m yet to find out.

I’ll also be able to put the right Luke to the right description.

Turns out they are from Nottingham and this clearly supports my time travel theory, probably using Catwezle’s time portal in the forest. Maybe its just a merry men thing that gives them the ability to write such classic sounding songs.

Anyway since that spring day, The Mariners have been teasing me with some new tunes including the stonking Sycamore Street a song so good that you’d swear blind was a number for weeks in 1966. This is all leading to the imminent release of their debut album The Tides Of Time…(time travel again)

I ordered it straight away. I was the first one by all accounts. Made my day.

Make it yours as well and get into them before they go off on some other time travelling adeventure. You won’t regret it.

So here’s that video link:

And they also have these brought through the portal

More importantly the link to your new favourite album is here:

Check out other tunes here…

Good luck lads and when its time to go can I come with, coz 2020 is nuts.


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