20 Questions with….Crimson Bloom

Pureveyors of late 80’s/early 90’s psychedlic sounds akin to The Stone Roses, The La’s and other greats – Crimson Bloom are forging ahead led by their talented and all round nice guy Andy – This really is a band to watch and with a second album due, they are soon to be adored – So I managed to get 20 Questions out of them – Enjoy.

  1. Who are you?

Andy Johnson

2. Where are you?

Teesside – Stockton to be more precise

3. What do you do in the band?

Write the songs, sing, and play a bit of guitar

4. Who else is in the band?

Pete McDonald (lead guitar), Jonno Dark (bass), Paddy Jordan (Drums)

5. What do you sound like?

All the classics The Stone Roses didn’t get round to writing/recording.

6. Where can I hear you?

All the major streaming sites or on Vinyl / CD from crimsonbloom.bandcamp.com

7. Where can I see you?

Only one gig properly in the pipeline at the moment because of the lockdown. 9th Oct at The Westgarth in Middlesbrough with Green Circles. Had a good few planned so hopefully get those back on track soon.

8. Who are your favourite musicians?

Too many to really go into but Sly Stone, Johnny Marr, John Squire, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, The La’s, The Coral, Arthur Lee, Beck, Ray Davies…

9. What’s your best song?

The next one we write.

10. Favourite new band?

Really liking The Lathums from the young crop and also The Mariners and Moonlight Parade. There’s a ton of great new stuff bubbling up.

11. Beer, wine, or spirits?


12. Best night out?

Usually playing a gig and heading to Ku Bar in Stockton after to get smashed and dance all night to soul music and drunken anthems.

13. Curry or Fish n Chips?

Fish and chips (with curry but not on the fish that’s minging)

14. Hopes for 2020/21?

World peace, alien invasion and to be able to play in front of more than three people.

15. Tea or Coffee?

Mostly tea but coffee is my mistress. She makes my heart race.

16. Vinyl, CD, or download?

Vinyl, CD then download/streaming. I’ve always liked to have an artefact of a band, so physical stuff is always a preference.

17. Is it a barf or a baff (Bath)?

Baff like shat and pants.

18. Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones?

Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones is The Hobbit with tits. Can I change my mind?

19. Red or brown sauce?

Tomato on fish and chips. Brown on bacon and sausages.

20. Liam or Noel? Liam and Noel is better than Liam or Noel. At a push I’d say Noel because he wrote the classics and keeps moving forward

Thanks to Andy for that insight – please do check out Crimson Bloom on Bandcamp – great songs and really awesome merch. You’ll thank me later.


Please also take a look at Andy’s solo work to hear how talented he is. Especially this EP


Great summer tunes, I encourage you to listen to Scratchperry Dubshine which is straight out of Ibiza chill out via Screamadelica – its awesome.

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