20 Questions with…The Mystics

New band on the block – just released their first tune and it caught my ear. Seems like there is a Psych scene going down in Liverpool. Anyway heres 20 Questions for you.

1.       Who are you?

I’m Michael Bennett from a band called The Mystics 

2.       Where are you?

 We’re based in Liverpool 

3.       What do you do in the band?

 I’m the singer and guitarist 

4.       Who else is in the band?

On Drums we have Mr Tom Michaelson. For our debut single, we enlisted the skills of Jon Caldwell ( From LWS) to play lead guitar and Bass 

5.       What do you sound like?

As the songwriter I draw influences from all sorts of weird and wonderful music. But I’d say my main ones for the band are 90s bands such as Nirvana and Oasis, mixed in with a bit of euro pop

6.       Where can I hear you?

 Our debut single “Creeping Around” is out now on all the digital platforms (Apple Music / Spotify etc) 

7.       Where can I see you?

 We have a couple of videos up on YouTube, but I imagine no one will be seeing live music for a while “with all this s**t going on” 

8.       Who are your favourite musicians?

 For me personally I’d have to reference the bands I mentioned earlier in Nirvana and Oasis. I’m a big fan of Noel’s songwriting on the early oasis albums (we did a cover of Bring it on down at our first gig) and Kurt Cobain was no stranger to writing a classic tune was he? But I’m not a music snob really, anyone who can write and perform a tune, always give credit where it’s due.  

9.       What’s your best song?

It’s gotta be Creeping Around seeing as that’s our only release (so far..) its a song I was heading towards writing for a while, I love the mix of almost grunge riffs in the verses and the uplifting dance music chorus. Blowing my own trumpet, but why not ey? It’s a good tune!  

10.   Favourite new band? October Drift’s new album is great. I like Sam Fender’s stuff too.. I’ll listen to anything as long as it’s good! Spotify is great for their “release radar” playlists, I get into all sorts of new music from them. I’m well into Forth Wanderers from across the pond too, they’ve got some really good tunes. 

11.   Beer, wine or spirits?

All of them thanks. 

12.   Best night out?

 Usually it’ll be my girlfriend coming to mine, whacking the tunes on full blast and having some drinks, heading out for a couple of hours to make a show of ourselves.. then back to mine for an after party. Followed by paying for it for about 4 days!! 

13.   Curry or Fish n Chips?

All 3… on the same plate!! Boss!!  

14.   Hopes for 2020/21?

 I think 2020 is a bit of write off in terms of new music / gigging. Would be great to get a few more tunes recorded then doing a few of the local festivals. 

15.   Tea or Coffee?


16.   Vinyl, CD or download?

 Gotta be download for me these days, I know a lot of people say the sound is better on vinyl and all that, but it’s the modern world isn’t it? Having tunes on your phone, whenever you want, wherever you want, that you can play on loads of devices? That’s the winner for me. Invest in a Bose speaker would be my tip for any music lover. 

17.   Is it a barf or a baff (Bath)?


18.   Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones?

Never watched an episode of either of them, I haven’t got the attention span to sit and watch 83 series of something.

19.   Red or brown sauce?

I’ll go with red, but I’m a fan of a plain breakfast to be honest! 

20.   Liam or Noel?

90s Noel, Liam now 

Thanks Michael – another load of great answers.

Please check out The Mystics as I’m sure there is more good stuff to come from them.

For now you can play this on repeat:

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