20 Questions with…Moonlight Parade

Getting back onto the new band track – out of knowhere I heard two great remixes that immediately sent me back to 1990 blissed out afternoons and Ibizian sunshine.

Immediately I had to check them out and luckily the rest of their stuff is great too and there is lots of it.

I needed to know more where did this dreamy pop band come from? So I got out my trusty 20 questions and sent them off – this is what I got back.

• Who are you?
Alex Borg

• Where are you from?
Worthing, a little town on the South East Coast

• What do you do in the band?
I play bass but also do a bit of writing, look after production, make videos, design sleeves – make the tea. I’m pretty hands on I suppose.

• Who else is in the band? What do they do?
Ben Todd is on vocals and guitar, he writes the majority of the lyrics and Steve Murphy is on electric guitar.

• When did you form?  Whats the history of the band?
We formed in 2018. We knew each other previously, as we had been in bands together or playing the same circuit in the early noughties.
I met Steve stacking shelves in a supermarket when he was 14 and I was 18. I hated him at first because he was gobby but we bonded over music as time went on.

• Describe your sound?
We’re melodic, a little psychedelic. Our sound is quite chilled a lot of the time. We went through the loud and noisey phase years ago.

• Who are your favourite bands/artists/influences?
Way too many to mention covering a lot of different genres. We all like different stuff too. I have a real soft spot for old soul and funk.
As a band, some people have said we sound a bit like Doves and we also get Echo & The Bunnymen. If thats anywhere near the truth, then I’d consider it a big compliment.

• Whats your favourite record?
The impossible question!  Today I’ll say ‘Blood On the Tracks’ by Bob Dylan. Tomorrow it’ll be something else.

• Beer, Wine or Spirits?
Whisky! I love a good single malt.

• Best night out?
Don’t laugh, but camping. Sitting round a big fire with friends and family, watching the sun go down with music playing, drinking some good red wine.
Gig wise, The Stone Roses at Heaton Park on the Friday evening felt very special and will stay with me a long time to come.

• Curry or Fish n Chips?
Curry. Indian cuisine is my favouirte hands down and would probably be my last supper.

• Hopes for 2020/21?
To stay healthy and happy and to keep creative and productive.

• Favourite biscuit?
I’m partial to a Custard Cream with a well made cuppa.

• Favourite TV Show?
Killing Eve

• Red or brown sauce?
I’m a weirdo – I love mayo – not bothered about the other two

• How can I get to hear you?
Moonlight Parade are on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes and you can order our new EP ‘Paint The Sun’ on vinyl from

• Favourite new band?
The Mariners

• Whats your view on the current music scene?
I don’t really follow it to be honest. I’m in my own little bubble making music.
Steve in our band is more clued up than me. I’m still buying records from the 60s and 70s.

• Are guitar bands/gigs making a come back?
I do hope so. The worlds gone mad and music will always offer either escapism or commentary on what we’re all going through.
Ultimately it brings people together as a community which is what we need more than ever.

• Favourite blog/twitter person?
You of course, it was an honour to be asked.

And there you have it – easily one of the coolest bands around at the minute – I really like the sound and the influences are there but done in a refreshing way.

The remixes need to be heard. So here they are:

But obviously check out all their stuff coz its wicked. (Thats Street talk, all the yunguns tell me that)


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