Single of the week – Connected – Crimson Bloom

It’s fair to say that each week picking a SOTW is tough, but this week in a week of great releases one track stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Connected is a cover, a cover of a well known dance/rap song from early 90s Brit rappers Stereo MCs.

A brave choice, foolhardy some would say, how could someone take a song like this and convert it into a live band format and do it justice?

Well fear not, led by Mr Bloom (sorry Andy) they have an artist at the top of their game, skilled enough to turn this into a wah wah filled baggy classic, if this came out 30 years ago it would be a top 10 single easily. Think Soup Dragons I’m Free or The Farms Groovy Train. It’s that good.

It remains true to the original songs vibe and feeling, but reinvents it for today’s scene, it could well be the soundtrack for this new movement we are sensing. No wonder the great Sam Shiner started her Virtual Pub Crawl set off with it.

There is a big buzz around the Bloom army at present and recent releases signify something special will arrive when the 2nd album is released. I’m very excited.

So as we all enjoy Glasthomebury, stick this on, turn it up to 11 and get Connected.




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