My Obsession…. Adidas Trainers – Scott Macintyre

As detailed in previous blogs, I want to bring to your attention stuff that I think is cool and highlight individuals that are such.

One of my favourite people to follow is an avid Adidas trainer collector. I love his photos and posts of his trainer collection – we all love Adidas don’t we! – so I asked him if he would answer some questions and he agreed.

Enjoy something a bit different but hopefully fun and interesting at the same time.

So quick intro – who are you?

My name is Scott MacIntyre and I’m from Manchester I’m married to my wife Claire and have 2 daughter’s Lucy(16) and Cara(4)

I first got into trainers from a young age I’m 44 now so I would say I was about 8 when I was first bought my first pair of Adidas kick. I’d had trainers before that probably Hi-Tec or Dunlop but this was a step up in both quality and style and at the time even for a 8 year old in the 80s dressed in velvet shorts you had to have a decent pair of trainers on.

In my teens I always had more than 3 pairs at a time Adidas, Nike or Puma always clean crisp white trainers but for me it was always Adidas they kept it plain and simple, plus my music of choice at the time was rap, so seeing Run DMC rocking the shell toes had me hooked. I’ve never really been into football culture; I like football but for me it was just what everybody wore, and it was more musically influenced. When Madchester happened in the 90s to see the stone roses or the Mondays dressed just like me made me feel like I was part of the band.

I didn’t really plan to start collecting to me 6 or 7 pairs were normal mainly Adidas and converse, again crisp white. I would wear trainers that were 2 years old and friends would ask if they were new because of how clean I would keep them. In 2015 I purchased my first pair of Adidas Topanga yellow suede and I think from that point on I was kind of hooked, I’d only had them for 2 weeks and was now looking online at a pair of blue suede Adidas München it was around this time I started to feel it wasn’t just the trainers but the box also was a big part of it, the blue and white striped box I knew I had a problem ha-ha were as in the past I would maybe discard the box for space. I would keep the boxes and ask friends for their boxes (just in case) From that point on I pretty much only buy adidas originals.

I currently own 35 pairs of Adidas trainers but like I said I don’t really class myself as a collector as such I just buy what I like and what I can afford. There are guys out there that buy more or less every drop and I’m not just talking about your Gazelle or Stan Smith trainers from JD sports these guys enter store raffles just to win the chance to buy with many getting emails to say they have won only to be disappointed when a second email arrives to say they overestimate stock and unfortunately you were not lucky enough to win with many of the trainers going for ridiculous prices on eBay.

I mainly buy from Adidas, but I have had plenty of bargains from eBay and depop.  Not bothered if they are used, some people are not confident at cleaning suede so sometimes you manage to grab a bargain. The last bargain I got was from depop a pair of adidas Topanga in suede burgundy from 2014 for £20 brand new in box RRP is £70

I think with British blokes in particular it’s the football culture and the style on the terrace’s but the fact that that it’s still being worn today by everyday people and not just sport stars is the strength of the originals brand. The adidas spezial range started in 2014 and releases exclusive styles from the 70’s 80’s for that vintage retro look. This season drop taking inspiration from northern soul.

I think adidas crosses so many musical boundaries because the originals brand just keeps it simple and cool and you just can’t beat that old skool look from a pair of shell toe to a pair of Sl72I was at a adidas spezial exhibition in Blackburn not so long ago where it was wall to wall with trainers from the 60’s to now. There was a section of signed trainers from the likes of Run DMC, The Clash, The Beastie Boys, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Public Enemy and even Jamiroquai 😜 so it just goes to show it’s not just one genre of music it appeals to. Liam Gallagher recently had his own adidas spezial trainer released that sold out within seconds with pairs going on eBay for around £500.

What’s my favourite pair? Ha-ha that’s a tricky a one like which one of my kids I love more. Probably my sl72 vintage or Gazelle vintage they just look so cool with jeans or shorts, originally designed for the 1972 Munich Olympic games, sl stands for super light(Neeeeeerd) But ask me again next week I’ll probably have a different favourite or better still a new pair that are my new favourite Ha-ha 

The wife’s gonna kill me “No” I’ve not worn them all yet still some with tags on waiting to be popped, but I will wear them they’re not just for staring.

I bought a pair in 2008 for the gym zx380 not my usual style more of a running shoe but they are quite sort after now and I have a pair of Olympic training 72 from  I’m not too sure how much they are worth because they don’t tend to turn up on the likes of eBay but if both had a reissue I’m sure they would sell out.

What does my wife think? Hahaha my wife thinks I’m mad they all look the same to her “haven’t you already got those” is a common phrase but she’s cool she knows it makes me happy, it  is kinda strange having more pairs than your wife though.

Are there any clubs? No, no clubs mainly Instagram to be honest loads of great lads with great collections and photographs. All round a good community that will help other’s find pairs or restore and customize.

Will I ever stop? No I don’t think I will. There are certain elements that have changed for the collector i.e. people buying just to re-sell for silly prices on eBay or people think just because there Adidas they must be worth something but I will continue to buy what I like and what I can afford

Thanks Scott a fascinating insight into one of the coolest brands and footwear ever. Just like my obsession for music, Scott is passionate about Adidas and why not – I bet he always looks cool AF.

If your interested in seeing more of his collection then please follow him on:

Twitter – @mrmojorising11

Instagram – Scottmacintyre76

Now Kick It.

What other songs are about footwear and cool?

Are you obsessed about something? Please contact me if you want to contribute.



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