Single of the Week – Its Alright – SKIES

So DP Happy Hour has come up trumps again – just when I was struggling to find a SOTW, a band popped up that I had heard some tracks including the great Born Yesterday on the aforementioned happy hour.

Trying hard to keep away from guitar led bands this week, I had a listen to the new toon from this duo from Kent.

So immediately I heard it I had to make it SOTW – its a proper pop song – starting with a great drumbeat/synth intro – then the vocals kick it – and I think that’s why I paid attention before – I really like Alie’s voice – its very clear with a nice tone and pitch.

It’s alright is a modern pop song in the vein of The Killers or other Emo bands (I’m sorry I don’t know any/shoot me)- catchy chorus, good tune but lyrically its quite deep and talks about the issues we have all been facing recently.

It’s Alright – is a reassuring phrase – we are going to be ok ultimately – things will get better. I find this very uplifting – that’s what great pop is all about – lose yourself for 3-4 minutes. Its easier said then done though. Skies doing it brilliantly on this song.

The song builds and builds – lets do it all again, repeats Alie over and over and then her voice reaches the high notes as we reach the peak. It bangs – I’m hooked.

I’ll see you on the other side – It’s alright Alie ends the song with – yes, yes you will and yes it will be.

Single Of the Week – this week or any other week.

Make sure you listen to it and check out lots of their other tracks.



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