Maker – Rollicking Rock N Roll Band

You always need a bit of rock n roll in your soul don’t you. Riffs, Drums, gravelly voice, big choruses the lot.

I don’t think we have had a decent UK Rock band for years – experts will probably disagree and tbf there probably has been, but for me no.

Until a couple of weeks ago – fate lent his hand and pointed me to Maker a Rock band from Kent of all places and a mighty fine album called Dead Ends and Avenues.

Its not new, new, its a couple years old now but new to my ears – but the sound isn’t.

Its a hark back to the early 1970’s and late 80’s/early 90’s sound – Think The Faces, Deep Purple, Free, Zep but also Primal Scream, GNR and The Black Crowes – yes the Black Crowes – they are very much like this. But so what – Oasis can be the Beatles, Blur can be The Kinks (hardly), most bands steal from what came before and we shouldn’t be too precious if its done well and done with passion and respect for what came before.

Maker are all of these things.

I’ve been playing the album a lot over last couple of weeks – its an incredibly accomplished piece of work, with an excellent production that make the songs kick ass but also has that element of soul on the slower tracks that all good rock bands need to have.

Kicking off with a song called Soul (of course) – we are into it straight away – all boxes ticked from above and a great way to start an album. Play it loud.

The title track follows and then Move your feet – 3 bangers to get you going and then a slower paced Girl quit your crying.

The pace is great – a couple of rock tracks and then the more acoustic side shown – my favourite off the album is Coming in from the Rain – a tracked that builds and has real soul and purpose – very stadium, very good.

I suggest those of you that like this type of sound do give it a try – if your a parker monkey then I encourage you also to try it – skin tight black jeans and biker boots is also a great look.

But be careful they may be coming to steal your girlfriends.

Check them out here.

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