My tribute to Denise Johnson…

I’m just a music fan – just someone that loves music and anyone involved in it – the following is an introduction I had typed up in giddy excitement a month ago when Denise Johnson, Yes Denise Johnson had agreed to be interviewed by little old me for a piece to be launched at the time of her album release. Today’s news of her passing away has hit me and thousands of others, like a ton of bricks falling on top of us. I’m no opportunist or journo hack – just a bloke with a passion – when I asked her to answer some questions I was worried and mentioned I wasn’t a weirdo. She replied with a lovely Its OK I know you’re not dodgy. My heart melted.

I’m releasing this now – just as tribute to her in my own small way – I’d like to write more on her and I think I will once the album is out but for now all I can manage is this.

Thank you Denise – Thank You….


Yes your reading that correct. Manchesters and arguably Britain’s greatest voice is answering my questions. Honoured doesn’t even come close.

Whilst Denise doesn’t need any introductions, I will try. I first heard her voice 30 years ago as BV for the classic get the message by Electronic. I have been a fan ever since. In a career that has seen her add soul and joy to many songs including years with Primal Scream, contributing to the classic Screamadelica. I have been dancing and singing along to her voice like a soundtrack to my life.

There is no better vocal in this writers opinion then Denise’s on the Primals track Free. Anyone that heard the Memphis session version can not fail to be moved. It made me emotional in 1994 and it still does now. It’s just perfect.

Now spending her time touring with Manchester legends ACR, she is an active twitterer and interacts with her followers.

Her passion is Man City FC. And often dons a full kit to support the Blues on match day.

So I’ll shut up now and let Denise do the talking…..



**I have used the photo of her without permission – credit to the photographer that holds all rights to such**

One thought on “My tribute to Denise Johnson…

  1. I was shocked to wake up to this news. She was such a positive voice on Twitter, well loved and respected and was so excited to be releasing her album.


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