New Band/New Music – Macroscope

I’m no good at Science – I failed it miserably at school – I was more into Science Fiction dreaming off into space about Light-sabres and aliens from another world.

So what is a Macroscope? Is it some form of microscope that helps you see vast regions of space and brings them into vision? Maybe, or is it a bunch of lads from Yorkshire that have just released a earth shatteringly good single that made this anti Sheldon sit up and take notice. I’ll go with the latter.

The song in question is called My Favourite Cardigan and it is epic. So much so it made me compare it to Scott Walker – yes Scott Walker – that space cadet of the big epic songs. I wasn’t joking. Then someone else said it was Brian Molko on vocals, another epic singer – they weren’t wrong. So eventually I got to Brian Molko, Singing a Scott Walker Song backed by Pulp. Maybe. I think so.

Then if that wasn’t enough – I found out how old they are. No spoilers – you need to read all of this and listen to the song before finding out.

There is so much going on in this song – its brave and brimmed full of different instruments and styles – I loved it. No one I’ve heard in a while sounds like it.

So I got hold of the band – who luckily are from this planet, can be seen without the need of magnifying and they gave me Answers to my Q’s.

So Band Bio First

Coming together almost two years ago, Macroscope are an alternative six piece from Pontefract, West Yorkshire who by their own admission are looking to do something…well, alternative. Harnessing the standard guitar, drums and bass was never going to be enough for these and so piano, keys and a sax add a real breadth to their sound. With influences ranging from Indie and punk through to acid jazz, their songs push the boundaries for a band at such an early stage in their development.

Having worked hard developing their sound and honing their live act on stages such as Belgrave Music Hall and The Wardrobe in Leeds, they’ve played Wakefield’s Long Division Festival and won slots supporting rising stars such as MarthaGunn and Declan Welsh and the Decadent West.

In July 2019, they released a debut double A side single ‘Drop Dead, Gorgeous/Grace’ which skilfully shows the diversity and range of the songs becoming increasingly familiar to those who’ve followed their live shows. October 2019 saw them heading back into the studio to lay down tracks for their first full EP. 

Macroscope are:

Luc Hyde (Guitar Vox)

Maxx Lancaster (Sax)

Seth Whitby (Bass)

Nathan Smith (Drums)

Finn 0’Beirne ( Piano)

Joel Harrison (Synths)

So how did you all meet?  

We all met at high school. We were friends before we were in a band but all interested in music. Luc, Seth and Nathan were in a band first and then the others kind of joined.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

Its different, almost every song we do sounds different but we deliberately try to stay away from that mid 2000’s indie sound that most bands our age go for. We’re definitely not looking to sounds like the Arctic Monkeys or the Kooks.

What are your musical influences?

There’s six of in the band so its pretty broad. It ranges from things like WolfAlice through to Wolfpeck and Acid Jazz

Favourite current band or artist?

The band are all big fans of a Leeds based band called Caro.

How has lockdown been for the band?

Its been tough, we had a pretty big year mapped out for us including curating and running our own stage at the Long Division Festival, plus a load of other gigs, so all of that was put on hold. Seems so long since we played live together.

Future plans for the band?  Gigs? Album? 

Everything is a bit up in the air but we’ve got three more tracks to ‘Reveal’ to the world over the coming months starting in September with our next track Reveal. Haha.

How important is Social media nowadays to promote your band?  

Its crucial. There’s no big label behind us or PR team so everything is DIY. Our main channel is Instagram but we try to reach out on both Twitter and Facebook as well, plus we’ve got a website.

What’s the response been to those that have heard you?

People are often surprised by us. They see that we’re only 17 Right Stop there – take that in for a minute and pick yourself up of the floor like I had to – THEY ARE 17!!! This really is a big bang. Anyway back to the lads..and are expecting something less, well, musically complex. We’ve had some good responses from the music press so far and people who’ve seen us live have liked our shows.

Did you enjoy DP Happy Hour?

It was fun, Dan and Amy are doing an amazing thing to help unsigned bands. On our week it was nice to be part of such a mixed line up and discover some new acts as well as be on the list with people we already had come across.

Following the twitter feed and commenting is tough though haha (You need two phones like what I do – MT)

Is there a Pontefract music scene?

In a word NO. That we are aware of there’s us and Glass Caves who played SxSW last year, so we’re chasing them down to become Pontefract’s top band

Other get to know you questions?

Tea or Coffee?

Mixed in the group, some are tea and some are coffee

Favourite tipples?

We’re all under 18, so we’ll pass on that one (Now I feel really old – MT)

Best place for a night out?

We hang out at mates houses really but at the moment we don’t go out much

Best thing about Yorkshire?

Before lockdown it would have been the great live music options in Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield etc, now it is probably just because its home.

Cardigans or Tank Tops?

Cardigans, No question

Brilliant answers – so if like me your worried about this world and what we are leaving it to – then I encourage you to listen to this band – they have made something that not only is different from so much else out there but it has the potential to reach the masses and appeal to all genres of music fans.

In recent weeks I have been amazed by some of the young talent coming through, from Reba and Milo Gore, The Lathums of course and now Macroscope. It is making this cynical old git start to question his own views on the youth of today. This makes me happy. Macroscope will make you happy.



Heres what all the fuzz is about…..Please listen and let me know.

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