We can be the avalanche!

So where next? – I was quite sad yesterday – its been another emotional week – I don’t take death well – who does I guess – but it seems the end of things whilst inevitable is really having a go this year.

Recent weeks we’ve lost an incredibly talented soul singer in Denise Johnson, she was more then that of course, a sub for Man City for every game, a great person to talk to on twitter, always fun, always open and honest. I miss her.

Then we get the news of Chadwick – a total shock – out of the blue – a true superstar and great actor – anyone that has seen his performances outside of the amazing Black Panther would agree – I saw him play James Brown in the Get on Up before BP came out. Great film and brilliant acting – His legacy will continue to influence and inspire for many a year. Wakanda Forever.

Then we had the last Virtual Pub Crawl – an event that quite frankly saved many from going mad and created an open and inclusive community that I haven’t seen since the glory days of the Acid House movement – Rob is in my hall of fame that’s for sure. And reading the huge number of thanks and shout outs to him and all the others involved that made it happen was heartfelt and uplifting. I wasn’t on top form but it did wonders for my mind set.

So maybe torches have gone out but also they have been passed on, there is always another…..

Sandwiched either side of this was two of my current music inspirations – 3 people doing it huge for new bands and artists – Sam, Amy & Dan. Giving a platform to all those struggling artists that are trying to be heard, especially during these non gigging times. I’ve lost count the amount of good music they have switched me onto, but also pushed me to find my own, share back and highlight to as many people I can. I owe you big time that’s for sure. I’m sure their passion for music will continue – I’m not sure how they find time to listen to everything though – I’m already struggling but I guess that’s what it is all about – nothing worth doing is easy is it.

As well as all of this going on – I attended my first Record Store Day – previously I had dabbled on line where I could, but this time I wanted to support my localish record shop(s) so I got up bright and early and off I toddled to that Middle England Middle Class Heart Land of Leamington Spa. It was a great experience actually and I spent way too much money (Sorry Mrs T) but I got caught up in the buzz of it all – met some cool people and had great chats in the queue about the positive state of new music and the lack of gigs etc. Special mention to the Johnny Marr type bloke I spoke to for ages – really interesting bloke and another kindered spirit. We are everywhere it seems.

So what is this early Sunday morning blog all about – what is the point I’m trying to make – I guess in some ways its a call to arms or at least a plea to all the talented people I have come across over the last 6 months to keep on doing what they are doing. Whether its just being comedic relief to others, real support to many, new friendships that will last forever, writers, artists, DJ’s, Bands maybe just inspiration. We owe it to those that we lose along the way – we must keep moving forward not as sole voices but as one – true socialism not in a political manner but as a collective. Again I think back to those crazy Acid House days and a photo I’m sure I saw back in the day of a group of chancers taken in a sweaty night club in Streatham I think (near where I grew up coincidentally) – pretty much everyone of them went onto achieve something great in music/arts – Oakenfold, Rampling, Farley, Heller are well known but the others either created club nights, record labels, bands, artwork etc etc. They were the avalanche.

So you know what you need to do – your already doing it – life can hit you for six a lot of the time and the downs can be all consuming but look for the light because its getting brighter.




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