Up the Apollo Junction

There’s a hole, a stadium filling sized hole, a hole that is Kasabian sized. It needs filling.

Enter Apollo Junction….

If your looking for your next indie superstars with the tunes to fill your stadia (if we ever get back to that) – then you look no further then Leeds favourite sons of the stage.

They’ve already released one album to acclaim which showcased their sound which I can only describe as New Order meeting the Killers whilst having a fight with U2 over which Kasabian song is the best. They mean business clearly.

Recently they have just released one of my favourite tunes of the summer – the insatiably catchy Sometimes which harks back to peak U2 with an Edge guitar riff that most bands would sell their grannies for. I’ve been playing it a lot, I mean a Lot – its ace and I’m not a big U2 fan. “I’m out of control”

Anyway after a little begging on my part, the band allowed me to ask some questions and also a sneaky listen of their new song Borderlines. So is it any good, is it Premiership material I guess?

Thankfully it continues where Sometimes left off – this time less U2 more New Order with a driving Hooky bass line but another catchy as hell “I’m only happy when the sun goes down” chorus. You’ll all going to be playing it and singing along very soon. It has a great Kasabian type guitar solo as well and then crashing in at under 3 mins its over – like all good pop singles your left wanting more. You have to play it again and again.

So before these lads do get so big the real papers want to know about them, I got the following questions answered.

Who are you and what do you sound like?

Well we are Jamie (vocals), Matt (guitars), Ben (bass), Sam (keyboard) and Jonathon (drums). We are a five-piece from Leeds, Yorkshire. We play massive electro indie anthems which are born out of the 80s and 90s Britpop era with a slight nod to acid house meeting the 1960s at a party.

What music have you released so far?  Where can I hear you?

We’ve a debut album out now and we’ve just announced a special, limited Edition vinyl copy of it that’s available to pre order. We’ve also got new new music out. We’re about to release our  brand new single called ‘Borderlines’

Where is the name from?
We used to drink a lot in a pub called The Junction, we spent hours/ days discussing band names in there and eventually just stole the pubs name. We added Apollo due to our singers love of the Rocky films, just to shut him up really 🙂  

What are your future plans? More releases? Album? Gigs?
Yes to all of those things. We like to keep busy. 

Get to know you stuff!

Favourite city?

Leeds. We also once had a lost weekend in Paris together  We’ll always have a soft spot for it because of it. We nearly lost our guitarist there, but if you wanna know that story – you’ll have to ask us in person. 

Favourite gig attended?

Our own – every gig. Other bands – we loved Idles. They are incredible live.

 Favourite gig performed?

Every gig in special. Bingley Weekend festival In 2019 was amazing as about 2000 people came to watch. Supporting Shed Seven was incredible too. We are playing The Warehouse in Leeds in March 2021. That’s a gig we can’t wait for. 

Best new band other than you?

There’s loads. Music is great At the moment. I like Sports Team, Lottery Winners, Skylights, Fontaine’s DC. 

Favourite drink?

JD and coke (The Drink of Rockstars – MT)

Favourite food?


Best place for a night out?

Our house. You’re all welcome. (I’m on my way – MT)
Football teams?

Leeds. (Welcome back to the Prem lads – get ready for a rude awakening MT)

So where can I get your music?

We’re on YouTube, Spotify etc. Album vinyl is available to pre-order Now www.apollojunction.com

Thanks lads – really appreciate your time.

So I know everyone says it and in many cases its just journo bluster and false prophecies etc but there really is a huge buzz building behind Apollo Junction and the expectations are getting greater with every release. With the imploding of Kasabian there is a place for a band for the masses to love once more and get their rocks off too. I think AJ can be that band – their sound takes the best from some of the greats but they make it their own – there is no shame is showing your influences as long as you try and do something new with it. AJ are doing just that and I think we really do need them.

Check out their songs and hopefully like me we’ll be able to see them live soon.



All Killer no Filler


2 thoughts on “Up the Apollo Junction

  1. Great review and interview of my favourite band .
    I love it.
    And I understood one sentence of the new song LOL,
    Bad english is mine


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