2021 the Reboot of 2020

So we start again, full of hope and optimism

The previous year is a full stop and a chance to reboot the system. Take stock and do things different.

So what did we learn these last 12 months? Are we better people? Do we care more? Are we there for each other? Or once we all get the miracle jab, do we just revert back to type trying to get our car parked in the last space before someone else does?

Is Socialism now alive, not in the political sense but in the human sense. Putting others before ourselves. Supporting each other to achieve great things, not a race to finish first by tripping everyone up along the way, but making sure we all cross the line together as one?

A dream situation of course and I’m probably misguided, drunk still or just over romanticising what could be achieved. We may be on our way. But how can we stay on the right track?

I’m hoping over the next few months to be able to answer some of these questions and see where we are all at in 2021.

So Happy New Year and let’s be ‘aving you.




One thought on “2021 the Reboot of 2020

  1. It would be lovely to think that the hardships we all faced in 2020 will enable us all to be more considerate toward one another in the future. I don’t know if this will actually happen, although I feel to some small degree it will.


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