All Blue No Tonic

25 years plus….blown away in an instance…

The news about singer and front man to The Bluetones, Mark Morriss hit me like a lightning bolt this week, a band I had admired and listened to since their early days, were shot down as the allegations regarding Mark’s behaviour came to light and were held up for all to see.

For the record I believe every word that has been printed about him and I’m equally appalled, shocked and upset that he has been able to get away with this behaviour for so long. My thoughts go out to all the people he has wronged and lives he’s messed up.

However as this is mostly a music based blog, it’s this aspect I’m trying to understand and where does it leave the music of The Bluetones.

It’s been going around in my head for a few days now and I needed to get it down in words to help me try to understand it and maybe help a few others along the way.

In fact the purpose of this article is to try and work out how I or indeed you feel about their music or other artists who’ve allegedly ruined lives time and time again, or those that actually have been found guilty or owned up to their atrocious behaviours. Do we just stop listening and try not to think about the past when we did, as we can’t change that? Park it and move on? Or can we separate the music from the real life and the artists that made it?

Gary Glitter a name that is met with sneers and hate. A huge star in his time, who along with The Glitter Band wrote some Glam bangers no mistaking but now are airbrushed from history. A shame as the Glitter Band were great in their own right and equally played a key part in the early 90s classic album by Denim “Back in Denim”. They deserve better but seem forever linked to GG. As for GG he can rot as far I’m concerned.

Kasabian/Tom Meighan….Kicked out of the band but came clean, owned up, took the punishment and sought help. An immediate burning at the cancel culture pyre didn’t help him though. Did he deserve better? Kasabian have recently restarted without him but is it the same thing without their great frontman doing what he does? Do we like their music again but not him?

Michael Jackson….what can you say about him?…so much evidence but it seems his status since his untimely death has ridden out the bad news and his music legacy remains mostly intact. Have we just convinced ourselves he was just a bit weird and was more damaged then anyone else he allegedly abused?

Back to Britpop then….right now I can’t face listening to The Bluetones, and I’m not sure I ever will. I recently saw MM play live at a London gig and I was reminded how good they were and how he was a decent singer in a not very laddish way and seemed a good guy, seems I was quite wrong about him. Back to feeling angry and frustrated that he’s ruined that for me. But compared to others, my pain seems very insignificant.

And what about the rest that are doing this type of thing and worse? We’ve all heard the stories of underage groupies, or sharks in baths or mars bars, it goes on and on and everytime you get this excuse…”it goes with the territory”. It seems that Film stars, Footballers and Musicians especially get to do what they like and indulge themselves in any way they want, because it goes with the territory. Well it doesn’t make it right though and the more people speak out about these things happening and are supported in doing so, then maybe just maybe things will improve. Regrettably I’m sceptical about that, but I hope it does.

There is a lot more I could write around this subject, I really wanted to understand the true meaning of a narcissist and spend more time looking at MM lyrics to get a better understanding of how his mind works, but to be fair he’s already wasted enough of my time over the years so he can go back to hole he crawled out of, as I doubt he will bothering anyone for a very long time to come.

I’d love to know your thoughts and comments on this blog so please feel to let me know.

Peace N Love


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