Invisible Squirrel – Sonder- Album Review

At this time of year most Squirrels are busy hibernating or at least hiding their nuts!

Well not for this secret squirrel, he’s been playing with his nuts and nobs, smashed open the banger wardrobe and came up with the first EDM album of the year.

Kicking off with the title track Sonder – its Tom Waits meets the Chemical Brothers – with crazy lyrics about a homeless man reading your mind (I think) – its a fine way to introduce you to the world of the Invisible Squirrel. Sonderthe realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Next up is the Prog Rock meets Coldcut track I am the Moog – kicking off with a mid 70s organ riff and an introduction of the Invisible Squirrel – we are into a Moog synth opus – its a trip that’s for sure.

Before you can catch your breath you are into the funky world of Nicholas Bloody Parsons which is already my favourite titled song in ages. Parsons for the uninitiated was a TV game show host and long time Radio presenter of Just A Minute – this song is as nuts (sorry) as it suggests – sung by what sounds like Oompa Loompas from the Tim Burton “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” film. I love it.

The whole album is a bit of a revelation actually – bringing in the best of EDM/Dance/Techno/Trip Hop but incorporating rock/rap and great songwriting from lead Squirrel Joe Adhemar (for it is he).

A lot of the album reminds me of my journeys by DJ of the mid to late 90’s – Mo Wax sounds and certainly Ninja Tunes fans will love this album. Also the keyboard/organ sounds are very reminiscent of Money Mark at his finest – especially during Run It Down which is like a 2022 remake of the Starsky and Hutch theme tune.

There is also a lot of anger being expressed especially in Droid with its throwing a molotov cocktail at the Amazon droid lyric – I applaud such.

303 Reasons to like Rock is a recent single that did so well in the “Indie 100 Cup” and rightly so – mixing Muse and a 303 has never sounded finer.

Drunk Mosquito sounds exactly how you would think it would – its my favourite of the new tracks and I suggest drinking 6 tequila shots before jumping around pretending to swat said Mosquito in a new kinda dance.

Guns Out is different again – its a hardcore rap track with guest Rapper Bill Chapo – filled with naughty swears its RATM or D12 type vibes – clearly written for prime time Radio 2 airplay.

I really like the way that Joe is able to free himself from his own solo work on this album – an alter ego really allows you to explore a different side of your music tastes and tracks like I feel the same, Gotta Get Up (listen for The Who samples btw) and You Appreciate This are all testament to this freedom.

One of the final tracks is called Insomnia – it somehow manages to mix Money Mark into Beck with a Eminem type backing that is really rather special indeed.

Big credit to the Invisible Squirrel on this album, being able to produce something from the luxury of the nut house thats engaging, cool and most importantly you can dance to is no mean feat.

Go check it out.

Sonder is out now and can be purchased here:

Or you can stream it from Spotify and other such sites – but that’s a bit nuts (last nut pun).



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