Citylightz – Things that make you go Hmm.

There’s something about bands that are a gang, mates, muckers, pals.  A little bit whee a little bit woo.  All in it together, having fun, having each other’s back but also making great music.

When I think back to these bands – there are plenty – The Beatles (In Germany), The Stones, The Small Faces and then The Faces (for sure), Madness, The Specials, The Roses (pre breakup), The Happy Mondays and of course Oasis – there are plenty more.

That’s where I see Citylightz, a bunch of loveable rogues, who are in it for the craic.  But can they walk it like they talk it? 

But what are Citylightz?  Are they a Rock/Rap act?  Indie Rap? Or something more?  something that beneath the fun times and passion for Rum is founded on something true, something real, soul.

Do they have anything to say?

Well anyone that has spent some time listening to them and paid attention to the lyrics then its an easy answer – Yes, they bloody do.

Bands with something to say and resonate with the times are rare, if done well then immortality beckons – for me, the best example of this is The Specials.  40 Years on and they have just had a number 1 album.  They are adored and cherished as much now as they were in ‘79 when Two Tone started – most importantly the songs still resonate, are still important and reflect the crazier times we live in now.  But they are still a gang right, still fun, still have great tunes.

Recently I told Citylightz that I thought they were the nearest we have now to The Specials, this was following my many listens of their excellent and recommended purchase of the Rock N Road 2 EP – recorded at Abbey Studios nonetheless and it shows – quality production, sharp, crisp, rocking, kicking ass.  Mean business these lads you know.

Check it out here. 

It’s the best way to be introduced to the band – they have lots of other songs but for the newbie and I’m taking it most of you are this is the perfect place to start.

I’m a Rockstar is a great song to start and anyone that use Leg End as a chorus deserves a lot of credit – As with most of their songs its lead by Rapper B – now I’m a bit old skool but ultimately no expert on rapping, for me its how it sounds, and the lyrics.  B is real – his Wolverhampton accent coming through clearly – this is no East/West USA style – this is Black Country Rap.  It’s cool, its different, he owns it.  B is then backed up on vocals and choruses etc by Luke whose also on guitar – a great contrast in vocal styles blend well – Luke has a falsetto type voice – it works, just like The Specials did with contrasting styles.  Not heard a band do this in years.

Thousand Dreams a slower pace, which builds to an almighty guitar solo – a quick mention on this – they use them to great effect – very Guns N Roses like.  It’s a great song and shows a different side to them – remember that Soul word I used.

Too Late upping the pace again with a great guitar riff to kick off – I bet this rocks live – or it will do once they get to play it at the rescheduled gigs “Fake smiles” “Daggers in my back” “Too late to say you’re sorry” – catchy as F chorus – Both B and Luke are on fire on this – I got a feeling this will be a big fan and band favourite – its mine.

Elevator – Not enough songs are about elevators – Aerosmith do a great one but other then that I’m struggling – answers on a postcode to the usual address if you know anymore.  Luke’s voice must be at its highest on the chorus – it goes up and up – like an elevator.  Makes sense.  Another live fav beckons – I can hear us fans singing it back.

Nation of Ravers The EP closing track – up-tempo and I think it was written about me and my mates from years ago – but its for all of us really we are all a nation of ravers – B’s lyrics are great here – fun track – “two fingers up to them” – “we let the music enslave us”.

So now you’ve had your introduction I encourage you to go and listen to more. Don’t miss:


Probably their angriest song – this for me says more in 4 mins then other bands have said in a career.

“How can we fucking believe you” – Very True. 

Swinging Bombs

B is feeling like Mike Tyson – I reckon he could take him – certainly in a Rap battle – “he’s a heavy weight, coming out the corner swinging bombs”.

I’d back B and the Boys to take on all comers.

But for now, it’s back to the Rum

Nice work lads

Your going to be Leg Ends


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